From our guest house, Armonia, beyond the village of Kefalari, you can make excursions to the nearby area of mountainous Corinthia, such as Stimfalia, Kastania, Feneos, GouraTarsos, Trikala Korinthias. Other locations nearby are Nemea, Kiato and Xilokastro. Close to us is Stimfalia (8km) with the famous lake. There you can see the ruins of the Acropolis of Ancient Stimfalia and the Venetian monastery Zaraka. Also, you can visit the ultramodern Environmental Museum.

  A wonderful drive can lead you to Feneos (30km); there you can enjoy the top of the dam and the historical monastery of Saint-George with a view to Lake Doxa, whose water reflects the surrounding mountains.

  Then, you can visit Tarsos (40km), the so called “Meteora” of mountainous Corinthia. The Greek word “Meteora” means suspended in the air and there you will see vertical cliffs and the Church of Virgin Mary of the Cliffs (Panagia ton Vrachon) located in the cave that is formed. Another route can take you to Trikala (30km), built on the hillsides of the mountain range Ziria and surrounded by dense fir forests. There ski lovers can find a ski resort.

  Another destination is Nemea (25km), where the “wine roads” will lead you to vineyards and to the visitable wineries and the archaeological site with the ancient stadium. Also, you can visit Kiato (25km) with the beautiful beach of Diminio and the theatre of Ancient Sikiona near the city of Kiato. Moreover, you can visit Pefkias in Xilokastro (30km), which is called “The green shore of Kostas Kariotakis motherland”.

  We offer you mountain bikes to sightsee and enjoy your nature trails; take deep breaths of oxygen and rejuvenate!

Distance in km for your excursions:

•    Athens – Kefalari 130 km.
•    Patras – Kefalari 130 km.
•    Kiato – Kefalari 25 km.
•    Kefalari – Stimfalia 8 km.
•    Kefalari – Kastania 15 km.
•    Kefalari – Feneos 30 km.
•    Kefalari – Tarsos 40 km.
•    Kefalari – Nemea 25 km.
•    Kefalari – Trikala 30 km.
•    Kefalari – Xilokastro 30 km.
•    Kefalari – Nafplio 75 km.
•    Kefalari – Goura 36km.