Communal spaces

  As you enter the building you face our reception, with antique furniture and unique lamps, while going up the stairs with the old gravures you will immerse in the bold blue colour walls. Next, you will find the living room with the handmade carved furniture, antique lamps and the past century paintings that give the space a unique aesthetic.

  At our buffet breakfast we serve homemade dishes from virgin products to fill you with energy to start your day in a beautiful way! On the rest of the day you can enjoy your coffee or drink and taste our homemade sweets, served in porcelain Baroque dishes while you are sitting comfortably in front of the fireplace and listening to relaxing music.

  When the weather allows, you can enjoy your coffee or read your book with a view of mountain Ziria at our courtyard with the high stone walls, our wooden pergola, the traditional well, the blossoming flowers and the fabulous handmade metal gate.